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The EL Charro Frozen Margarita is made with EL Jimador 100% Agave Tequila, Triple Sec and Fresh Lime Juice.


Good or even great tequila should be treated the same as a fine whiskey or cognac whilst also enjoyed mixed to create that memorable cocktail.

The customary non-alcoholic partner to a shot of straight tequila (Blanco or Resposado) that highlights tequila’s crisp acidity and cleanses the palate between each peppery sip.

Blanco, Reposado and Anejo before, during and after your meal. Sip, enjoy and discover (includes Sangrita)

Mezcal differs from Tequila as it uses other types of Agave notably the maguey and can be produced throughout the country as opposed to its more popular cousin that is region specific.

Mezcal is highly varied, depending on the species of agave or maguey used, the fruits and herbs added during fermentation and the distillation process employed.


EL CHARRO TIP – It’s so much better value by the bottle

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